Our Selection Process

In Best in Malaysia, we find and review the top products and services in various industries in Malaysia. Each month, our team of experts spends hours researching, testing, and reviewing the best products and services. Our research process is always evolving to keep up with the latest industry trends and consumer needs.

Identify Potential Products & Services

The first thing we do is to identify all the potential providers in each industry by creating a list based on word-of-mouth recommendations and online research. 

With this list, we then proceed to the next step of our selection process.

Review Products in Malaysia
Evaluate Each Product

Evaluate Each Product & Service

After compiling our initial list of products and services, we then evaluate each one to see how they meet our standards. 

This includes looking at factors such as quality, price, value for money, and customer satisfaction ratings.

Look for Accreditations, Awards, and Licenses

Based on the list, we validate each provider by checking for industry-specific accreditations, awards, and licenses. This is to ensure that the provider is legitimate and has the necessary credentials to be providing the products or services they offer.


Analyze Review Data

To determine the provider’s reputation, we analyze review data from various sources, including online reviews, social media, and consumer feedback platforms. 

This helps us get an idea of how satisfied customers are with the provider’s products or services.

Assess Service Capabilities

After that, we assess the provider’s service capabilities by looking at their track record, customer service policies, and pricing. 

Based on this, we can determine if they are able to meet customer expectations and deliver on their promises.