Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Carpet cleaning is very important in order to keep your carpets looking new and fresh. There are many carpet cleaning services in Malaysia that can help you achieve this. However, it is important to choose the right service in order to get the best results. To help you choose the right service, we have compiled a list of the best carpet cleaning services in Malaysia.

List of The Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Our team has studied and reviewed carpet cleaning companies in Malaysia to find the best of the best. We looked at over 40 different companies and scored them on a range of factors, including price, quality, reputation, and customer service. We then picked the top carpet cleaning companies in Malaysia that scored the highest overall.

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Orang Utan Cleaning

RNT Services

Orang Utan Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company that provides services around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. Their team of cleaners have been testing out different carpet cleaning and drying techniques from various manufacturers in order to find the most suitable and efficient method for Malaysian conditions. This has included methods such as steam cleaning, hot misting, dust mite extraction, spray surface protection and avoiding soapy textures or residue. With Orang Utan Cleaning, you can be assured that your carpets will be clean and protected.

  • Website:
  • Contact Details: 017-2326-491
  • Address: A-03-17, Block A, Apt. Seri Jati, Jalan Wawasan 5/4, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160, Puchong Selangor.  



Alphakleen is a company that has been around since 2010. They started out providing laundry and dry cleaning services, but in 2012 they transitioned to professional upholstery cleaning. They have worked hard to become the best upholstery service provider in the KL region. With over ten years of experience, they provide great service, reasonable pricing, and top-notch cleaning quality.

Alphakleen is known for its research and dedication to constantly upgrading its equipment, which allows them to provide the best possible service. For more information on Alphakleen’s services, visit their website or contact them directly.

  • Website:
  • Contact Details: +60126889637
  • Address: No 1 Jalan Segambut, M-Avenue H-0-5, 51200 Kuala Lumpur


SelangorCarpet is a professional carpet and fabric cleaning company that services the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. Their services include not just carpet cleaning, but also healthier working and living environments. They offer their expertise to help prolong the life of your carpets.

SGCarpet understands the importance of having a clean and healthy environment, not just for your carpets, but for you and your family as well. That’s why they offer a wide range of services to suit your needs.

Whether you need your carpets cleaned or you’re looking for solutions to create a healthier environment, SelangorCarpet has got you covered. Contact them today to learn more!

Imperium Cleaning Solutions

Imperium Cleaning Solutions is a professional cleaning and housekeeping services provider, with a focus on sanitation services for both commercial and residential properties within KL and Selangor.

The company has been in operation for over six years and has developed a strong reputation for providing high-quality services. Their mission is to “provide a clean and healthy environment for all,” which they achieve through their team of highly skilled and experienced staff. Imperium Cleaning Solutions is the preferred choice for many customers, both domestic and commercial, due to its commitment to quality, affordability, and reliable service.

Pro Carpet Cleaning


Pro Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company based in Malaysia. We have been providing affordable and quality service to our customers all across the country for many years. Our experienced team is committed to making your carpets look new again! We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, so we always go the extra mile to deliver the best possible experience. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable carpet cleaning company, Pro Carpet Cleaning is the perfect choice!

  • Website:
  • Address: KL & Selangor

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About Carpet Cleaning Malaysia

It’s important to choose the right carpet cleaning service to ensure your carpets are properly cleaned and maintained. You can refer to the FAQs below to help you make a decision. When in doubt, it’s always best to consult with a professional. Carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your home clean and healthy, so don’t hesitate to invest in a good quality service.

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FAQs about Carpet Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning services in Malaysia

This will depend on a few factors, such as how often the carpets are used and whether they are in a high-traffic area. It is generally recommended to have your carpets cleaned at least once a year.

Most professional carpet cleaning services use a hot water extraction method, which will leave your carpets wet after cleaning. However, they will dry quickly with proper ventilation.

Many professional carpet cleaning services offer “while you’re away” services, which will clean your carpets while you are not home. This usually involves moving any furniture that is in the way and leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean.

The cost of carpet cleaning services will vary depending on the size of your home and the type of service you choose. However, most companies offer a free quote so you can get an idea of the cost before making a decision.